2.5G MCQ’s

Electronics & Communication Engineering Wireless & Mobile Communications

This set of Wireless & Mobile Communications Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “2.5G”.

1. What is the name of the internet microbrowser technology used by NTT DoCoMo in Japan?
a) Wireless Application Protocol
b) I-mode
d) Hypertext Markup Language

2. 2.5G upgrade path for a particular wireless carrier does not match the original 2G technology choice made earlier by the same carrier.
a) True
b) False

3. What is the name of the web browsing format language supported by 2.5G technology?
a) Wireless Application Protocol
b) Hypertext Markup Language
c) Extensible Markup Language
d) Hypertext Transfer Protocol

4. EDGE is sometimes also referred as ____________
b) 3GPP

5. Which of the following is not a TDMA standard of 2.5G network?
d) GSM

6. HSCSD supports which 2G standard?
a) GSM
b) IS-136
c) GSM and IS-136
d) PDC

7. What changes GPRS need to acquire while upgrading itself from GSM?
a) A whole new base station
b) New transceiver at base station
c) New channel cards
d) New packet overlay including routers and gateways

8. Which of the following is a 2.5G CDMA standard?
a) IS-95
b) Cdma2000
c) IS-95B
d) CdmaOne

9. How does HSCSD differs from the GSM to obtain higher speed data rate?
a) By allowing single user to use one specific time slot
b) By allowing single user to use consecutive user time slots
c) By using 8-PSK modulation technique
d) By allowing multiple users to use individual time slot

10. How is HSCSD different from GPRS?
a) Infrastructure
b) Multiple Access Scheme
c) Modulation technique
d) Switching Technique

11. GPRS and EDGE supports which 2G standard?
a) GSM only
b) IS-136 only
c) GSM and IS-136 both
d) PDC

12. Which new modulation technique is used by EDGE?
b) 8- PSK

13. Various air interface formats used by EDGE are also known as ___________
a) Modulation and coding schemes
b) Coding schemes
c) Modulating air interface
d) Air interface coding schemes

14. What is one disadvantage of EDGE in comparison to HSCSD and GPRS?
a) Low data rates
b) Small coverage range
c) Low speed
d) No advancement

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