4G Network Architecture MCQ’s

Electronics & Communication Engineering Wireless & Mobile Communications

This set of Wireless & Mobile Communications Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “4G Network Architecture”.

1. With the normal cyclic prefix, how many symbols are contained in 1 frame?
a) 7
b) 140
c) 12
d) 40

2. What is the PBCH scrambled with?
a) Current frame number
b) Physical cell ID
d) Not scrambled

3. Which type of cell provides the best level of service for average subscribers?
a) Acceptance cell
b) Barred cell
c) Reserved cell
d) Suitable cell

4. What is the length of the shortest possible PDCCH in bits?
a) 144
b) 288
c) 72
d) 576

5. Which of the following is not a part of the characteristic of 4G network?
a) Multirate management
b) Fully converged services
c) Software dependency
d) Diverse user devices

6. What is the average uploading speed of 4G LTE network?
a) 1-3 Gbps
b) 2-5 Gbps
c) 1-3 Mbps
d) 2-5 Mbps

7. What does SGSN stands for?
a) Serving GPRS Support Node
b) Supporting GGSN Support Node
c) Supporting GPRS Support Node
d) Supporting Gateway Support Node

8. In 2007 ____________ announced its plan to transmit its network to 4G standard LTE with joint efforts of Vodafone group.
a) Verizon Wireless
b) AirTouch
c) Netflix
d) V Cast

9. What location management feature is supported by 4G?
a) Concatenated Location Registration
b) Concurrent Location Register
c) Concatenated Management
d) Collated Location Registration

10. Hybrid ARQ is part of the ____________ layer.
b) RLC
c) MAC
d) PHY


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