Architecture of Embedded Systems

Embedded System

This set of Embedded Systems Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Architecture of Embedded System”.

1. Which one of the following is the successor of 8086 and 8088 processor?
a) 80286
b) 80387
c) 8051
d) 8087

2. Which is the processor behind the IBM PC AT?
a) 80387
b) 8088
c) 80286
d) 8086

3. Which are the two modes of 80286?
a) Real mode and protected mode
b) Mode1 and mode2
c) Alternate and main
d) Mode A and mode B

4. Which register set of 80286 form the same register set of 8086 processor?
a) AH,AL
b) BX
c) BX,AX
d) EL
View AnswerAnswer: a
Explanation: The 16 bit register of 80286 can also act as 8 bit register by splitting into a higher register and lower register.

5. Which are the 4 general purposes 16 bit register in Intel 80286?

6. Which are the 4 segmented registers in intel 80286?

7. How is expanded memory accessed in 80286?
a) Paging
b) Interleaving
c) RAM
d) External storage

8. When is the register set gets expanded in 80286?
a) In real mode
b) In expanded mode
c) In protected mode
d) Interrupt mode

9. Which are the two register available in the protected mode of 80286?
a) General and segmented
b) General and pointer
c) Index and base pointer
d) Index and segmented

10. What kind of support does 80286 access in protected mode?
a) Real mode
b) Address access
c) Data access
d) Virtual memory

11. Which of the following processor possess memory management?
a) 8086
b) 8088
c) 80286
d) 8051

12. What is the size of the address bus in 80286?
a) 20
b) 24
c) 16
d) 32

13. Which is the interrupt vector in 80286 which functions for stack fault?
a) 11
b) 12
c) 14
d) 16

14. Which is the interrupt vector that functions as invalid opcode?
a) 9
b) 8
c) 7
d) 6

15. Which of the following possess the same set of instructions?
a) 8088 and 80286
b) 8086 and 80286
c) 8051 and 8088
d) 8051 and 8086

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