Embedded System

This set of Embedded Systems Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Buffers”.

1. Which of these is an area for temporary memory storage?
a) buffer
b) register
c) table
d) flag

2. Which of the following can be used as a collection point of data?
a) register
b) buffer
c) flag register
d) accumulator

3. Which device can compensate for the timing problems between the software?
a) index
b) register
c) buffer
d) memory

4. What do a buffer consist of?
a) memory and register
b) memory and peripheral
c) memory and flag register
d) memory and pointer

5. Which of the following is a condition for buffer overrun?
a) cannot accept data
b) cannot receive data
c) cannot provide data
d) can provide data

6. What is the state of the buffer if it asked for data and cannot provide it?
a) overrun
b) underrun
c) remains unchanged
d) beyond overrun

7. Which of the following can remove data from the buffer?
a) memory
b) ram
c) pointer
d) slack

8. How many bits does a 32-bit processor can access?
a) 32-bit char
b) 32-bit word
c) 32-bit double
d) 32-bit double word

9. What occurs first if data is stored in the buffer?
a) speed increases
b) linear shoot
c) overshoot
d) delay

10. Which of the following defines the earliest information that is passed through the buffer?
a) buffer latency
b) memory
c) pointer
d) peripheral

11. Which of the following possesses a problem for data streams on the real-time operating system?
a) pointer
b) memory
c) latency
d) processor

12. Which of the following determines the time to take a simple sample?
a) buffer
b) latency
c) pointer
d) memory

13. How is a stack created?
a) slack and pointer
b) stack and memory
c) memory and a pointer
d) memory and a register

14. Which of the following acts as an address pointer?
a) memory
b) pointer
c) stack
d) register

15. Which of the following possesses an issue while concerning the memory size of the buffer?
a) digital signal processor
b) microprocessor
c) memory
d) pointer

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