Capacity of Cellular Systems


This set of Wireless & Mobile Communications Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Capacity of Cellular Systems”.

1. ____________ is the maximum number of channels that can be provided in a fixed frequency band.
a) Channel capacity
b) Radio capacity
c) Spectral capacity
d) Carrier capacity

2. Which of the following measures spectrum efficiency of a wireless system?
a) Channel capacity
b) Radio capacity
c) Spectral capacity
d) Carrier capacity

3. If D is the distance between co-channel cells and R be the cell radius, co-channel reuse ratio is given by __________
a) D*R
b) D2/R
c) D/R
d) D/R2

4. __________ is the interference at a base station receiver that comes from the subscriber units in the surrounding cells.
a) Forward channel interference
b) Carrier interference
c) Receiver interference
d) Reverse channel interference

5. In practice, TDMA systems improve capacity by ____________ compared to analog cellular systems.
a) Three to six times
b) Equal capacity
c) Two time
d) Ten to twenty times

6. __________ allows subscribers to monitor neighbouring base stations.
d) ACA

7. Time division multiple access introduces ACA, which stands for ________
a) Acute carrier allocation
b) Adaptive carrier allocation
c) Adaptive channel allocation
d) Acute channel allocation

8. Which of the following standard had not adopted digital TDMA for high capacity?
b) GSM
c) PDC
d) IS-95

9. Capacity of CDMA is bandwidth limited.
a) True
b) False

10. In a CDMA system, link performance for each user __________ as the number of users _______
a) Increase, decrease
b) Increase, increase
c) Decrease, increase
d) Decrease, decrease

11. Capacity of CDMA can be increased by operating in DTX, which stands for _______
a) Discrete transmission mode
b) Discrete transmission modulation
c) Discontinuous transmission mode
d) Digital transmission mode

12. Frequency reuse factor for CDMA system is ___________
a) One
b) Two
c) Zero
d) Ten

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