Embedded System

This set of Embedded Systems Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Compilers”.

1. Which of the following helps in reducing the energy consumption of the embedded system?
a) compilers
b) simulator
c) debugger
d) emulator

2. Which of the following help to meet and prove real-time constraints?
a) simulator
b) debugger
c) emulator
d) compiler

3. Which of the following is an important ingredient of all power optimization?
a) energy model
b) power model
c) watt model
d) power compiler

4. Who proposed the first power model?
a) Jacome
b) Russell
c) Tiwari
d) Russell and Jacome

5. Who proposed the third power model?
a) Tiwari
b) Russell
c) Jacome
d) Russell and Jacome

6. Which compiler is based on the precise measurements of two fixed configurations?
a) first power model
b) second power model
c) third power model
d) fourth power model

7. What does SPM stand for?
a) scratch pad memories
b) sensor parity machine
c) scratch pad machine
d) sensor parity memories

8. Which model is based on precise measurements using real hardware?
a) encc energy-aware compiler
b) first power model
c) third power model
d) second power model

9. What is the solution to the knapsack problem?
a) many-to-many mapping
b) one-to-many mapping
c) many-to-one mapping
d) one-to-one mapping

10. How can one compute the power consumption of the cache?
a) Lee power model
b) First power model
c) Third power model

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