Debugging Technique:Xray

Embedded System

This set of Embedded Systems Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Debugging Technique:Xray”.

1. Which of the following has a single set of compiler and the debugger tools?
a) Xray
b) onboard debugger
c) emulation
d) high-level simulator

2. Who developed the Xray product?
a) IBM
b) Intel
c) Microtec
d) Motorola

3. Which part of the Xray can interface with a simulator?
a) emulator
b) debugger
c) simulator
d) onboard debugger

4. Which can provide the consistent interface to the Xray?
a) emulator
b) simulator
c) memory simulator
d) debugger system

5. Which of the following can access the information directly in the Xray?
a) emulator
b) debugger
c) simulator
d) hardware

6. Which of the following access the information through the ethernet in a Xray?
a) simulator
b) debugger
c) onboard debugger
d) emulator

7. Which tools help the Xray allows the software to be developed on the host system?
a) compiler tool
b) simulator tool
c) debugger tool
d) emulator tool

8. Which of the following is ideal for debugging codes at an early stage?
a) compiler
b) debugger
c) simulator
d) emulator

9. How can we extend the power of Xray?
a) Xray interface
b) Xray memory
c) Xray input
d) Xray peripheral

10. Which of the following uses the Xray interface method to provide the debugging interface?
a) pSOS+m
b) pSOS
c) pSOS+
d) NAP

11. How is the processor enter into a BDM state?
a) BDM signal
b) Start signal
c) BDM acknowledge signal
d) Start signal of the processor

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