Developer Agility Comes From Building Systems Composed Of Small, Independent Units Of Functionality Focused On Doing One Thing Well, So How Does Cloud Functions Help Improve Developer Agility?

Google Cloud Platform Business Professional Accreditation Answers 2020

Here is the answer of the question: Developer agility comes from building systems composed of small, independent units of functionality focused on doing one thing well, so how does Cloud Functions help improve developer agility?

  • Cloud Functions lets organizations that really value time to market build apps quickly.
  • Cloud Functions lets organizations build and deploy services at the level of a single function, not at the level of entire applications, containers, or VMs.
  • Cloud Functions lets organizations deploy and maintain a fleet of VMs through a series of containers.
  • Cloud Functions lets organizations make changes to the kernel by providing their own network or graphics drivers to squeeze out the last drop of performance.

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