Emulation Techniques

Embedded System

This set of Embedded Systems Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Emulation Techniques”.

1. What does ICE stand for?
a) in-circuit emulation
b) in-code EPROM
c) in-circuit EPOM
d) in-code emulation

2. Which of the following is a traditional method for emulating the processor?
a) SDS
b) ICE
c) CPU simulator
d) Low-level language simulator

3. Which of the following does not have the ability to get hundred individual signal cables into the probe in the emulation technique?
a) OnCE
b) BDM
c) ICE

4. What does JTAG stand for?
a) joint tag address group
b) joint test address group
c) joint test access group
d) joint test action group

5. Which of the following allows access to all the hardware within the system?
a) debugger
c) onboard debugger
d) simulator

6. Which of the following works by using a serial port?
a) Simulator
c) BDM
d) OnCE

7. What is meant by OnCE?
a) on-chip emulation
b) off-chip emulation
c) one-chip emulation
d) once-chip emulation

8. Which debugging facility is used in the Motorola’s DSP 56x0x family?
b) ICE
c) OnCE
d) BDM

9. Which facility provides the provision of the debug ports in the ICE technique?
a) simulator
b) emulator
c) debug support
d) jtag

10. How the additional registers are accessed in the OnCE?
a) parallel port
b) serial port
c) jtag
d) address register

11. Which of the following emulators can provide its own in circuit emulation facility?
a) Simulator
b) Debugger
c) SDS
d) OnCE

12. What does BDM stand for?
a) background debug mode
b) basic debug mode
c) basic debug microcode
d) background decode mode

13. Which emulator is used in MC68HC12?
b) BDM
c) On-CE
d) SDS

14. Which of the following takes the processor, when the processor enters the BDM mode?
a) address code
b) high-level microcode
c) low-level microcode
d) data code

15. Which of the following has the additional circuitry which supports the background debug mode?
a) memory
b) input
c) peripheral
d) processor

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