Filter Networks MCQ’s

Electronics & Communication Engineering Network Theory

This set of Network Theory Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Filter Networks”.

1. A filter which passes without attenuation all frequencies up to the cut-off frequency fc and attenuates all other frequencies greater than fc is called?
a) high pass filter
b) low pass filter
c) band elimination filter
d) band pass filter

2. A filter which attenuates all frequencies below a designated cut-off frequency fc and passes all other frequencies greater than fc is called?
a) band elimination filter
b) band pass filter
c) low pass filter
d) high pass filter

3. The value of one decibel is equal to?
a) 0.115 N
b) 0.125 N
c) 0.135 N
d) 0.145 N

4. A filter that passes frequencies between two designated cut-off frequencies and attenuates all other frequencies is called?
a) high pass filter
b) band elimination filter
c) band pass filter
d) low pass filter

5. The expression of the characteristic impedance of a symmetrical T-section is?
a) ZOT=√(Z12/4-Z1Z2)
b) ZOT=√(Z12/4+Z1)
c) ZOT=√(Z12/4+Z2)
d) ZOT=√(Z12/4+Z1Z2)

6. The expression of short circuit impedance Zsc is?
a) Zsc=(Z12-4Z1Z2)/(2Z1-4Z2)
b) Zsc=(Z12+4Z1Z2)/(2Z1+4Z2)
c) Zsc=(Z12-4Z1Z2)/(2Z1+4Z2)
d) Zsc=(Z12+4Z1Z2)/(2Z1-4Z2)

7. A filter that passes all frequencies lying outside a certain range, while it attenuates all frequencies between the two designated frequencies is called?
a) low pass filter
b) high pass filter
c) band elimination filter
d) band pass filter

8. The expression of the open circuit impedance Zoc is?
a) Zoc=Z1/2+Z2
b) Zoc=Z2/2+Z2
c) Zoc=Z1/2+Z1
d) Zoc=Z1/2-Z2

9. The relation between ZOT, Zoc, Zsc is?
a) ZOT=√ZocZsc
b) Zoc=√(ZOT Zsc)
c) Zsc=√(ZOT Zoc)
d) Zoc=√(ZOT Zoc)

10. The value of sinh⁡ϒ/2 in terms of Z1 and Z2 is?
a) sinh⁡ϒ/2=√(4Z1/Z2)
b) sinh⁡ϒ/2=√(Z1/Z2)
c) sinh⁡ϒ/2=√(Z1/4Z2)
d) sinh⁡ϒ/2=√(2Z1/Z2)

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