General Frequency Consideration MCQ’s

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This set of Analog Electronic Circuits Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “General Frequency Consideration”.

1. Bandwidth of amplifier is __________
a) Difference between upper cut-off frequency and lower cut-off frequency
b) Sum of upper cut-off frequency and lower cut-off frequency
c) Average of upper cut-off frequency and lower cut-off frequency
d) Independent to cut off frequency

2. At 3dB cut-off frequency the voltage gain will be __________
a) 100% of maximum gain
b) 70.7% of maximum gain
c) 80.7% of maximum gain
d) 47.5% of maximum gain

3. The frequency f1 and f2 from the below picture are respectively called ___________


a) lower cut-off frequency and upper cut-off frequency
b) upper cut-off frequency and lower cut-off frequency
c) left frequency, right frequency
d) there is no specific name

4. At 3dB cut-off frequencies power will be __________
a) Half of maximum value
b) Quarter of maximum value
c) 70.7% of maximum value
d) Same as maximum value

5. What is the roll-off rate of single order filter?
a) 20dB/decade
b) 5dB/octave
c) 40dB/decade
d) 10dB/octave

6. Voltage gain of 1,00,000 is equivalent to __________
a) 10dB
b) 1000dB
c) 100dB
d) 50dB

7. A voltage amplifier has a voltage gain of 100. What will be gain at 3dB cut-off frequencies?
a) 70.7
b) 80.7
c) 45.7
d) 50

8. -6dB is equivalent to __________ power gain.
a) 0.5
b) 0.25
c) 0.75
d) 0.8

9. If the output power from an audio amplifier is measured at 100W when the signal frequency is 1kHz, and 1W when the signal frequency is 10kHz. Calculate the dB change in power.
a) -10dB
b) -20dB
c) -30dB
d) 15dB

10. If an electronic system produces a 48mV output voltage when a 12mV signal is applied, calculate the decibel value of the systems output voltage gain.
a) 12dB
b) 6dB
c) 20dB
d) 4dB

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