Global System for Mobile (GSM)

Wireless & Mobile Communications

This set of Wireless & Mobile Communications Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Global System for Mobile (GSM)”.

1. Which of the following is the world’s first cellular system to specify digital modulation and network level architecture?
a) GSM
d) IS-54

2. Previously in 1980s, GSM stands for ____________
a) Global system for mobile
b) Groupe special mobile
c) Global special mobile
d) Groupe system mobile

3. Who sets the standards of GSM?
a) ITU
b) AT & T

4. Which of the following does not come under the teleservices of GSM?
a) Standard mobile telephony
b) Mobile originated traffic
c) Base originated traffic
d) Packet switched traffic

5. Which of the following comes under supplementary ISDN services?
a) Emergency calling
b) Packet switched protocols
c) Call diversion
d) Standard mobile telephony

6. Which of the following memory device stores information such as subscriber’s identification number in GSM?
a) Register
b) Flip flop
c) SIM
d) SMS

7. Which of the following feature makes impossible to eavesdrop on GSM radio transmission?
a) SIM
b) On the air privacy
c) SMS
d) Packet switched traffic

8. Which of the following does not come under subsystem of GSM architecture?
a) BSS
b) NSS
c) OSS
d) Channel

9. Which of the following subsystem provides radio transmission between mobile station and MSC?
a) BSS
b) NSS
c) OSS
d) BSC

10. ___________ manages the switching function in GSM.
a) BSS
b) NSS
c) OSS
d) MSC

11. __________ supports the operation and maintenance of GSM.
a) BSS
b) NSS
c) OSS
d) MSC

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