Implementation of DMA MCQ’s

Electronics & Communication Engineering Embedded System

This set of Embedded System Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Implementation of DMA”.

1. Which cycle can support the burst and single transfer mode?
a) internal
b) external
c) both internal and external
d) address cycle

2. Identify the additional transfer mode in the Intel 8237?
a) single transfer mode
b) demand transfer mode
c) verify transfer mode
d) block transfer mode

3. Which DMA is programmed with higher level software?
a) DMA controller
b) DMA address
c) DMA peripheral

4. Which of the following DMA is used in the IBM PC?
a) Intel 8253
b) Intel 8254
c) Intel 8237
d) Intel 8259

5. Which of the following is used for supporting the priority scheme?
a) address transfer mode
b) arbitration
c) counter
d) timer

6. Which of the following combine an MC68000/MC68020 type of processor with peripheral and DMA controllers?
a) Intel 8237
b) Intel 8253
c) MC68300
d) MC68000

7. Which of the following have four transfer modes?
a) Intel 8253
b) Intel 8254
c) Intel 8259
d) Intel 8237

8. Which of the following transfer mode can refresh the DRAM memory?
a) verify transfer mode
b) bloch transfer mode
c) demand transfer mode
d) cascade mode

9. Which of the following requires its own local memory and program?
a) DMA controller
b) DMA address
d) DMA peripheral

10. Which of the following consist of a fully programmable DMA controller of two channels?
a) MC68300
b) Intel 8237
c) Intel 8253
d) Intel 8254

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