Induction Type Single Phase Energy Meter MCQ’s

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This set of Electrical Measurements Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Induction Type Single Phase Energy Meter”.

1. Driving system in an induction type single phase energy meter consists of _________
a) one magnet
b) two electromagnets
c) five electromagnets
d) ten magnets

2. Series electromagnet consists of _________
a) L shaped laminations
b) T shaped laminations
c) U shaped laminations
d) Y shaped laminations

3. Induction type instruments are used for ____________
a) A.C. measurements
b) D.C. measurements
c) Resistance measurements
d) Voltage measurements

4. Shunt magnet consists of _________
a) N shaped laminations
b) E shaped laminations
c) S shaped laminations
d) M shaped laminations

5. Moving system of the induction type single phase energy meter has _________
a) heavy aluminium disc
b) light aluminium disc
c) medium aluminium disc
d) no aluminium disc

6. What is the effect of eddy currents in the aluminium disc?
a) varies by a factor of twice the disc length
b) independent of the disc speed
c) varies by a factor of four times the disc size
d) proportional to the disc speed

7. Shunt magnet has _________
a) large turns of wire
b) small turns of wire
c) medium turns of wire
d) no turns or wires

8. Braking system consists of _________
a) bar magnet
b) temporary magnet
c) permanent magnet
d) super magnet

9. An energy meter produces a flux of ∅ when connected to a supply V.
a) True
b) False

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