Electrical Measurements

This set of Electrical Measurements & Measuring Instruments Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Megger”.

1. High resistances are of the order of __________
a) 0.1 Mῼ
b) 10 mῼ
c) 1 kῼ
d) 10 Gῼ

2. Megger is a ________
a) source of e.m.f
b) source to measure high resistance
c) type of a null detector
d) current carrier

3. Megger is also used for ________
a) providing additional e.m.f
b) bridge balance
c) testing insulation resistance
d) controlling the temperature

4. Megger works on the principle of ________
a) kirchhoff’s current laws
b) ohm’s law
c) gauss’s law
d) electromagnetic induction

5. The role of the permanent magnet in a megger is to ________
a) provide field
b) provide voltage
c) generate power
d) balance the circuit

6. A guard ring is provided in a megger to ________
a) protect the circuit
b) eliminate error
c) reduce current flow
d) limit the temperature rise

7. The supply to the megger is given by ________
a) ac motor
b) ac generator
c) permanent magnet dc motor
d) dc generator

8. The moving element of the ohmmeter in a megger consists of ________
a) 1 coil
b) 4 coils
c) 3 coils
d) 10 coils

9. The role of the compensating coil in a megger is ________
a) reduce current
b) increase voltage
c) control temperature
d) scaling

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