Microprocessor of Embedded System

Embedded System

This set of Embedded Systems Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Microprocessor of Embedded System”.

1. Which of the following microprocessor is designed by Zilog?
a) Z80
b) Zigbee
c) 80386
d) 8087

2. Z80 is mainly based on
a) Intel 8080
d) 8051

3. Flag register of Z80 is also known as
a) Program status register
b) Program status address
c) Program status word
d) Program address register

4. What are the two register sets used in Z80?
a) C’D’ and BC’
b) CD and BD
c) IV and MR
d) Main and alternate

5. How an alternate set of the register can be identified in Z80?
a) ‘Suffix
b) ‘Prefix
c) ,suffix
d) ,prefix

6. What is the purpose of memory refresh register of Z80?
a) To control on-chip DRAM
b) To control on-chip SRAM
c) To control ROM
d) To clear cache

7. What is the clock frequency of Z80?
a) 6 MHz
b) 8 MHz
c) 4 MHz
d) 2 MHz

8. Which are the two additional registers of Z80?
a) Interrupt and NMI
b) NMI and PSW
c) Interrupt vector and memory refresh
d) NMI and memory refresh

9. By which instruction does the switching of registers take place?
a) Instruction opcodes
b) AXX instruction
c) EXX instruction
d) Register instruction

10. Which of the following can be a paired set of 16-bit register?
a) CD
b) HL
c) AB
d) EH

11. Which signal is used to differentiates the access from a normal memory cycle?

12. What is done in mode1 of Z80?
a) Interrupt vector is supplied via the external bus
b) Interrupt vector is supplied via the peripherals
c) NMI gets started
d) Interrupt gets acknowledge from peripheral

13. What does m1 signal in Z80 describes?
a) I/O operation status
b) Memory refresh output
c) Output pulse on instruction fetch cycle
d) Interrupt request input

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