Network Protocols

Wireless & Mobile Communications

This set of Wireless & Mobile Communications Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Network Protocols”.

1. Several protocols for upper layers in bluetooth use _________
a) UDP
b) HSP
c) ITC
d) L2CAP

2. Protocols are set of rules to govern _________
a) Communication
b) Standard
c) Metropolitan communication
d) Bandwidth

3. An internet is a __________
a) Collection of WANS
b) Network of networks
c) Collection of LANS
d) Collection of identical LANS and WANS

4. Checksum is used in Internet by several protocols although not at the _________
a) Session layer
b) Transport layer
c) Network layer
d) Data link layer

5. In version field of IPv4 header, when machine is using some other version of IPv4 then datagram is __________
a) Discarded
b) Accepted
c) Interpreted
d) Interpreted incorrectly

6. Network layer at source is responsible for creating a packet from data coming from another ________
a) Station
b) Link
c) Node
d) Protocol

7. Header of datagram in IPv4 has _________
a) 0 to 20 bytes
b) 20 to 40 bytes
c) 20 to 60 bytes
d) 20 to 80 bytes

8. In IPv4 layer, datagram is of ________
a) Fixed length
b) Variable length
c) Global length
d) Zero length

9. In IPv4, service type of service in header field, first 3 bits are called ______
a) Type of service
b) Code bits
c) Sync bits
d) Precedence bits

10. Which is a link layer protocol?
a) ARP
b) TCP
c) UDP

11. Which protocol is commonly used to retrieve email from a mail server?
a) FTP

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