Operating Systems

Embedded System

This set of Embedded Systems Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Operating Systems”.

1. Which of the following provides a buffer between the user and the low-level interfaces to the hardware?
a) operating system
b) kernel
c) software
d) hardware

2. Which of the following enables the user to utilise the system efficiently?
a) kernel
b) operating system
c) software
d) hardware

3. Which of the following can make the application program hardware independent?
a) software
b) application manager
c) operating system
d) kernel

4. Which of the following speed up the testing process?
a) kernel
b) software
c) application manager
d) program debugging tools

5. Which of the following includes its own I/O routine?
a) hardware
b) kernel
c) operating system
d) application manager

6. Which forms the heart of the operating system?
a) kernel
b) applications
c) hardware
d) operating system

7. Which of the following locates a parameter block by using an address pointer?
a) OS
b) kernel
c) system
d) memory

8. Which of the following are not dependent on the actual hardware performing the physical task?
a) applications
b) hardware
c) registers
d) parameter block

9. Which of the following bus can easily upgrade the system hardware?
a) control bus
b) data bus
c) VMEbus
d) bus interface unit

10. Which of the following is the first widely used operating system?
b) windows XP
c) android
d) CP/M

11. Which of the following is an example of a single task operating system?
a) android
b) windows
c) IOS
d) CP/M

12. Which of the following becomes a limiting factor while an application program has to be complete?
a) memory
b) peripheral
c) input
d) output

13. Which of the following cannot carry implicit information?
a) semaphore
b) message passing
c) threads
d) process

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