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This set of Digital Communications Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Types of Processes”.

1. A stationary stochastic process has
a) Finite energy signal
b) Infinite zero signal
c) Zero energy signal
d) None of the mentioned

2. The power spectral density function of the stochastic process is
a) Real
b) Odd
c) Real & odd
d) None of the mentioned

3. For a periodic function, the spectral density and auto correlation functions form
a) Fourier transform pair
b) Laplace transform pair
c) Hilbert transform pair
d) Z transform pair

4. The capacity of a channel is given by
a) Number of digits used in coding
b) Volume of information it can take
c) Maximum rate of information transmitted
d) Bandwidth requires information

5. In a communication system, a process in which statistical averages and time averages are equal is called as
a) Stationary
b) Ergodic
c) Gaussian
d) Poisson

6. A rectangular pulse of duration T is applied to a matched filter. The output of the filter is a
a) Rectangular pulse of duration T
b) Rectangular pulse of duration 2T
c) Triangular pulse
d) Sine function

7. The line code has a zero dc component for pulse transmission of random binary data is
a) NRZ
b) RZ
c) Alternate mark inversion
d) None of the mentioned

8. The auto-correlation of white noise is
a) A delta function
b) A constant
c) Gaussian
d) None of the mentioned

9. Ionospheric communication can take place in
a) High frequency band
b) Very high frequency band
c) Ultra high frequency band
d) Super high frequency band

10. Satellite communication takes place in
a) Ultra high frequency band
b) Super high frequency band
c) Ultra & Super high frequency band
d) None of the mentioned

11. The weighing matrix is
a) Positive quantity
b) Inverse of covariance matrix of the input vector
c) Positive quantity & Inverse of a covariance matrix of the input vector
d) None of the mentioned

12. Non uniform tree _____ bit rate.
a) Increases
b) Decreases
c) Does not affect
d) None of the mentioned

13. Two clock with rates T1 and T2 are incommensurate if its ratio is
a) Rational
b) Irrational
c) Equal
d) None of the mentioned

14. Possible timing error detection methods are
a) Early late
b) Zero crossing
c) Early late & Zero crossing
d) None of the mentioned

15. Which has minimum power loss during transmission?
a) Twisted Copper cable at 1KHz
b) Optical fiber
c) Twisted copper cable at 100KHz
d) Wave guide

16. Voltage generated by lightning is an example for
a) Energy signal
b) Power signal
c) Energy & Power signal
d) None of the mentioned

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