Schering Bridge MCQ’s

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This set of Electrical Measurements Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Schering Bridge”.

1. Schering bridge is used for _________
a) low voltages only
b) low and high voltages
c) high voltages only
d) intermediate voltages only

2. Power factor of a Schering bridge is _________
a) p.f. = sin∅x = ZxRx
b) p.f. = cot∅x = RxZx
c) p.f. = cos∅x = RxZx
d) p.f. = tan∅x = RxZx

3. Schering bridge is one of the most widely used AC bridges.
a) True
b) False

4. For phase angles close to 90°, the power factor of the bridge is _________
a) p.f. = ωRx
b) p.f. = ωCx
c) p.f. = Rx Cx
d) p.f. = ωRx Cx

5. What is the expression for the loss angle?
a) tan⁡ δ = ωR4
b) tan⁡ δ = ωR4 C4
c) tan⁡ δ = ωC4
d) tan⁡ δ = R4 C4

6. For a series RC circuit, what is δ?
a) voltage between series RC combination and C
b) voltage between series RC combination
c) voltage across C
d) voltage across R

7. Quality factor is given by which of the following expression?
a) Q = 1R
b) Q = R
c) Q = XR
d) Q = XR

8. Commercial Schering bridge can be used for the measurement of capacitances from _____________
a) 10pF to 0.1nF
b) 100pF to 1μF
c) 50nF to 10mF
d) 25mF to 5F

9. Dissipation factor is the reciprocal of quality factor.
a) True
b) False

10. A Schering bridge can be used for the ______________
a) measuring voltages
b) measuring currents
c) testing capacitors
d) protecting the circuit from temperature rises

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