Sensitivity of Wheatstone Bridge

Electrical Measurements

This set of Electrical Measurements & Measuring Instruments Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Sensitivity of Wheatstone Bridge”.

1. When the bridge is balanced, what is the current flowing through the galvanometer?
a) 0
b) depends on the ratio arms R1 and R2
c) varies by a factor of 2
d) depends on the type of null detector used

2. Amount of deflection of the galvanometer depends on _________
a) resistance of the ratio arms
b) sensitivity
c) current flowing through the bridge
d) emf across the circuit

3. Sensitivity is defined as _________
a) amount of voltage per unit current
b) amount of power per unit voltage
c) amount of resistance per unit voltage
d) amount of deflection per unit current

4. Sensitivity is expressed in _________
a) cm/A
b) m/mA
c) mm/µA
d) inch/nA

5. What is the relation between the sensitivity and deflection for a galvanometer?
a) directly proportional
b) inversely proportional
c) independant of each other
d) depends on the type of galvanometer used

6. The voltage sensitivity of a galvanometer is given by _________
a) Sv = eθ
b) Sv = θe
c) Sv = 1e
d) Sv = 1θ

7. Unit of voltage sensitivity is _________
a) volts per degrees
b) amps per ohms
c) degrees per volts
d) watts per amps

8. Bridge sensitivity is defined as _________
a) SB=θR
b) SB=θΔR
c) SB=1ΔRR
d) SB=θΔRR

9. Maximum sensitivity occurs when?
a) R3 ⁄ R4 = 1
b) R2 ⁄ R4 = 1
c) R1 ⁄ R2 = 1
d) R3 ⁄ R2 = 1

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