Shunt Equalizer MCQ’s

Electronics & Communication Engineering Network Theory

This set of Network Theory Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Shunt Equalizer”.

1. What is the load current in terms of source current in the shunt equalizer?
a) Is jX1/(Ro+jX1)
b) Is jX1/(Ro+2jX1)
c) Is jX1/(2Ro+2jX1)
d) Is jX1/(2Ro+jX1)

2. What is the load current in terms of Vmax in the shunt equalizer?
a) (VmaxjX1)/(Ro(2Ro+jX1))
b) (VmaxjX1)/(2Ro(2Ro+jX1))
c) (VmaxjX1)/(2Ro(Ro+jX1))
d) (VmaxjX1)/(Ro(Ro+jX1))

3. In the shunt equalizer, the current flowing from the source is?
a) Vmax(2Ro+jX1)/2Ro(Ro+jX1)
b) Vmax(Ro+jX1)/Ro(Ro+jX1)
c) Vmax(Ro+jX1)/2Ro(Ro+jX1)
d) Vmax(2Ro+jX1)/Ro(Ro+jX1)

4. The input power in shunt equalizer is?
a) Vmax2/Ro
b) Vmax2/2Ro
c) Vmax2/3Ro
d) Vmax2/4Ro

5. The value of N in shunt equalizer is?
a) 1+ X12/Ro2
b) X12/Ro2
c) 1+ Ro2/X12
d) Ro2/X12

6. The attenuation is not sharp in the stop band for an m-derived filter.
a) True
b) False

7. What is the power at the load of a shunt equalizer?
a) [(Vmax2 X12)/(Ro(Ro2+X12))]b) [(Vmax2 X12)/(2Ro(Ro2+X12))]c) [(Vmax2 X12)/(3Ro(Ro2+X12))]d) [(Vmax2 X12)/(4Ro(Ro2+X12))]

8. The propagation constant of a symmetrical T-section and π-section are the same.
a) True
b) False

9. The bridged-T phase equalizer consists of?
a) Only pure inductors
b) Only pure capacitors
c) Only pure resistors
d) Only pure reactance

10. A lattice phase equalizer is a constant equalizer which satisfies the equation?
a) Z1Z2 = Ro
b) Z1 + Z2 = Ro
c) 1/Z1+1/Z2 = Ro
d) Z1Z2 = Ro2

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