This set of MATLAB Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Statistics”.

1. To exhibit time-series or spatial-series data, what kind of diagrams are suitable?
a) Pie-bar
b) Pie-chart
c) Ratio-chart
d) Bar-diagram

2. What is the output of the following line of code?


a) Error
b) Sliced pie chart
c) Pie-chart
d) Labelled Pie chart

3. What is the difference between primary and secondary data in statistics?
a) No difference
b) The former is collected from the field of the investigation while the latter is collected from a separate entity
c) The first set of data received is Primary data while the next set is secondary data
d) The important data is primary data while the lesser important data is secondary data

4. The nature of data while using pie plots is ___________ data.
a) Discrete
b) Continuous
c) Polar
d) Time-series

5. What would you use to show comparisons of profit of 3 industries over 3 quarters?
a) Histogram plot
b) Bar plot
c) Bode plot
d) Frequency plot

6. What is the difference between stem plot and histogram plot?
a) No difference
b) Histogram does not have negative values while stem may have negative values
c) Histogram cannot relate 3 variable while stem can
d) Histogram cannot be created in MATLAB

7. To display the partnership of 3 batsman with one batsman, one uses _________
a) Bar-graph
b) Histogram
c) Pie plot
d) Cannot be displayed

8. To display the runs scored by a batsman towards different directions in a field, one uses
a) Bar graph
b) Angle histogram
c) Histogram
d) No graph is suitable

9. A cubic system can be represented using the function ____
a) plot3
b) stem()
c) display
d) legend

10. To specify different curves in an angle histogram plot, we use the _________ function.
a) legend
b) display
c) gtext()
d) mtext

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