TCP Over Wireless MCQ’s

Electronics & Communication Engineering Wireless & Mobile Communications

This set of Wireless & Mobile Communications Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “TCP Over Wireless”.

1. Cable TV and DSL are examples of ____________
a) Interconnection of network
b) LAN
c) MAN
d) WAN

2. In wireless LAN, there are many hidden stations so that __________ cannot be detected.
a) Frames
b) Collision
c) Signal
d) Data

3. Station on a wireless ALOHA network is maximum of ________
a) 400 Km
b) 500 Km
c) 600 Km
d) 700 Km

4. A packet in Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) is called a ____________
a) Transmittable slots
b) Packet
c) Segment
d) Source Slots

5. IEEE 802.11 defines basic service set as building block of a wireless ___________
a) LAN
b) WAN protocol
c) MAN

6. A set that makes stationary or mobile wireless station and also have optional central base station is known as ___________
a) Basic service set
b) Extended service set
c) Network point set
d) Access point

7. Parameter that is normally achieved through a trailer added to end of frame is ___________
a) Access Control
b) Flow Control
c) Error Control
d) Physical addressing

8. Wireless communication started in _________
a) 1869
b) 1895
c) 1879
d) 1885

9. Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Networking Protocol have ___________
a) Four Layers
b) Five Layers
c) Six Layers
d) Seven Layers

10. Wireless transmission is divided into ___________
a) 3 broad groups
b) 6 broad groups
c) 9 broad groups
d) 8 broad groups

11. Packets of data that is transported by IP is called __________
a) Datagrams
b) Frames
c) Segments
d) Encapsulate message

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