The Compilation Process

Embedded System

This set of Embedded Systems Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “The Compilation Process”.

1. Which of the following function can interpret data in the C language?
a) printf
b) scanf
c) proc
d) file

2. What is the first stage of the compilation process?
a) pre-processing
b) post-processing
c) compilation
d) linking

3. Which of the following produces an assembler file in the compilation process?
a) pre-processor
b) assembler
c) compiler
d) post-processing

4. Which file is converted to an object file?
a) hex file
b) decoded file
c) coded file
d) assembly file

5. Which of the following contains the hexadecimal coding?
a) object file
b) assembly file
c) coded file
d) decoded file

6. Which of the following processes the source code before it goes to the compiler?
a) compiler
b) simulator
c) pre-processor
d) emulator

7. Which of the following allows the programmer to define constants?
a) pre-processor
b) compiler
c) emulator
d) debugger

8. Which statement replaces all occurrences of the identifier with string?
a) # define identifier string
b) # include
c) # define MACRO()
d) # ifdef

9. Which of the following has the include file?
a) emulator
b) debugger
c) pre-processor
d) simulator

10. Which of the following are header files?
a) #include
b) file
c) struct()
d) proc()

11. Which is the standard C compiler used for the UNIX systems?
a) simulator
b) compiler
c) cc
d) sc

12. Which compiling option is used to compile programs to form part of a library?
a) -c
b) -p
c) -f
d) -g

13. Which compiling option can be used for finding which part of the program is consuming most of the processing time?
a) -f
b) -g
c) -p
d) -c

14. Which compiling option can generate symbolic debug information for debuggers?
a) -c
b) -p
c) -f
d) -g

15. Which of the following is also known as loader?
a) locater
b) linker
c) assembler
d) compiler

16. Which of the following gives the final control to the programmer?
a) linker
b) compiler
c) locater
d) simulator

17. Which command takes the object file and searches library files to find the routine calls?
a) simulator
b) emulator
c) debugger
d) linker

18. Which assembler option is used to turn off long or short address optimization?
a) -n
b) -V
c) -m
d) -o

19. Which assembler option runs the m4 macro preprocessor on the source file?
a) -n
b) -m
c) -V
d) -o

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