The International System of Units,Voltage and Current,Power and Energy MCQ’s

Electric Circuits Electronics & Communication Engineering

This set of Electric Circuits Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “The International System of Units,Voltage and Current,Power and Energy”.

2. The basic unit for luminous intensity is
a) Ampere
b) Candela
c) Coulomb
d) Radian

3. Which of the following is a correct relation?
a) Giga>Mega>Tera
b) Mega>Tera>Giga
c) Tera>Mega>Giga
d) Tera>Giga>Mega

1. Which of the following is a defined quantity?
a) Pressure
b) Polarity
c) Money
d) Length

4. Charge is
a) Unipolar
b) Bipolar
c) Tripolar
d) Non – Polar in nature

6. The energy per unit charge is
a) Voltage
b) Power
c) Current
d) Work

8. If energy w = 200t2+ 99 et + 2 then calculate at 0.1 sec
a) 148.52
b) 149.41
c) 149.95
d) 148.39

5. Separation of charge creates
a) Current
b) Voltage
c) Resistance
d) Friction

7. If charge q = 3t2 + 2 then current is given by
a) 6t + 2
b) 3t2
c) 6t
d) 3t2 + 2

9. For the following circuit power is given by


a) –Vi
b) Vi
c) 0
d) 1

10. ‘Positive Power’ meaning ___________
a) Power is being delivered to circuit
b) Power is being extracted from circuit
c) No power supply
d) Input and output powers are equal

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