Three-Dimensional Plots


This set of MATLAB Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Three-Dimensional Plots”.

1. How can we group the elements in a 3-d bar graph?
a) Give ‘grouped’ as style input to bar3() command
b) Give ‘grouped’ as style input to bar() command
c) Give ‘group’ as style input to bar3() command
d) Give ‘group’ as style input to bar() command

2. What is the size of the z vector in a mesh(x,y,z) if the sizes of x and y vectors are m, n respectively?
a) [m,n]
b) (m,n)
c) [m,n)
d) Independent of m and n

3. What is the purpose of the figure command?
a) Opens a blank window
b) Opens a blank window to draw graphs
c) Opens a window containing axes
d) Opens a window containing grid and axes

4. What is the range of co-ordinates obtained of the following code?


a) 1:4 in x and y co-ordinates
b) 0:4 in x & y co-ordinates
c) only 4 in x and y co-ordinate
d) Error

5. What is the nature of z in surf(x,y,z)?
a) Integer
b) Vector
c) Matrix
d) String

6. What is the RGB triplet style for yellow?
a) [1 1 0]
b) [1 0 1]
c) [1 0 0]
d) [0 1 1]

7. What is the range of RGB triplets for the surf command?
a) [1 0]
b) [0 1]
c) (0 1)
d) (0 1]

8. What is the short name for black as input to the surf command?
a) b
b) bl
c) k
d) blk

9. How do we create horizontal bar graphs in MATLAB?
a) bar3h()
b) barh()
c) bar3()
d) not possible

10. The meshc() command takes complex inputs.
a) True
b) False

11. colorbar command gives different color to the bar chart following their ______
a) height
b) width
c) length
d) independently

12. The ezsurf command is present in the ___________
a) Symbolic Math Toolbox
b) Statistics and Machine Learning Toolbox
c) Partial Differentiation Equation Toolbox
d) Neural Network Toolbox

13. The color density of the bar-chart drawn from the bar3() command is always proportional to the height of the bars.
a) True
b) False

14. A stacked horizontal bar-chart can be made in MATLAB by ___________
a) Mentioning stacked as input to the bar3() command
b) Mentioning stacked as input to the bar3h() command
c) Mentioning stack as input to the bar3[] command
d) Mentioning stacked as input to the bar3h[] command

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