Variables and Assignments


This set of MATLAB Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Variables and Assignments”.

1. Which function is preferable to find the magnitude of a complex number?
a) abs()
b) sqrt()
c) cart2pol()
d) MATLAB does not support complex arguments

2. Which is an escape sequence constant?
a) Esc
b) /n
c) \b
d) nargout

3. All MATLAB computations are done in
a) Single Precision
b) Double Precision
c) Linear accuracy
d) Multi-level precision

4. Which symbol is used to initialise a variable?
a) =
b) ->
c) ==
d) init

5. Choose the correct option.
a) any() shows all the elements in a matrix while all() shows every element of a vector
b) any() is ‘true’ if elements in a vector is zero
c) all() is ‘true’ if every element in a vector is non zero
d) all() is ‘true’ if every element in a vector is 0

6. What operator helps in the transpose of a matrix?
a) “ .’ ”
b) “ ‘ ”
c) “./ ”
d) “ .\ ”

7. What is the difference between the expressions (9*1-8) & (9-1*8)?
a) Computational difference
b) Final results are different
c) No difference
d) Cannot be determined

8. What is the output of the expression


a) Inf
b) Error
c) Incomprehensible
d) NaN

9. The expression cos(90) is equal to1 in MATLAB.
a) True
b) False

10. Evaluate the expression:

a=9/1*5/1;  b=a*a/a*a; c=sind(30)+1/2;  d=1-c; e=a+b*c-d

a) 2045
b) 2070
c) Error since sind() is a wrong function
d) 0

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