4-Bit Parallel Adder/Subtractor – 2 MCQ’s

This set of Digital Circuits Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “4-Bit Parallel Adder/Subtractor – 2″.

1. Fast-look-ahead carry circuits found in most 4-bit full-adder circuits which ___________
a) Determine sign and magnitude
b) Reduce propagation delay
c) Add a 1 to complemented inputs
d) Increase ripple delay

2. One way to make a four-bit adder to perform subtraction is by ___________
a) Inverting the output
b) Inverting the carry-in
c) Inverting the B inputs
d) Grounding the B inputs

3. For a 4-bit parallel adder, if the carry-in is connected to a logical HIGH, the result is ___________
a) The same as if the carry-in is tied LOW since the least significant carry-in is ignored
b) That carry-out will always be HIGH
c) A one will be added to the final result
d) The carry-out is ignored

4. What distinguishes the look-ahead-carry adder?
a) It is slower than the ripple-carry adder
b) It is easier to implement logically than a full adder
c) It is faster than a ripple-carry adder
d) It requires advance knowledge of the final answer

5. What is one disadvantage of the ripple-carry adder?
a) The interconnections are more complex
b) More stages are required to a full adder
c) It is slow due to propagation time
d) All of the Mentioned

6. What is Manchester carry chain?
a) Is a chain of controlled inverter
b) Variation of a carry-lookahead adder
c) Variation of a full-adder
d) Variation of a ripple carry adder

7. Carry lookahead logic uses the concepts of ___________
a) Inverting the inputs
b) Complementing the outputs
c) Generating and propagating carries
d) Ripple factor

8. The carry propagation delay in 4-bit full-adder circuits ___________
a) Is cumulative for each stage and limits the speed at which arithmetic operations are performed
b) Is normally not a consideration because the delays are usually in the nanosecond range
c) Decreases in direct ratio to the total number of full-adder stages
d) Increases in direct ratio to the total number of full-adder stages but is not a factor in limiting the speed of arithmetic operations

9. The main disadvantage of Manchester carry chain is ___________
a) Ripple factor
b) Propagation delay
c) Capacitive load
d) Both propagation delay and capacitive load

10. Why is a fast-look-ahead carry circuit used in the 7483 4-bit full-adder?
a) To decrease the cost
b) To make it smaller
c) To slow down the circuit
d) To speed up the circuit

11. The summing outputs of a half or full-adder are designated by which Greek symbol?
a) Omega
b) Theta
c) Lambda
d) Sigma

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