Advanced Problems on Indicating Instruments

Electrical Measurements

This set of Electrical Measurements & Measuring Instruments Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Advanced Problems on Indicating Instruments”.

1. In a moving iron meter, the deflection torque is proportional to?
a) Square of the current through the coil
b) Current through the coil
c) Sine of measurand
d) The Square root of the measurand

2. The full-scale deflection current of an ammeter is 4 mA and its internal resistance is 400Ω. If this meter is to have a full deflection of 10 A, what is the value of the shunt resistance to be used?
a) 49.99 Ω
b) 0.16 Ω
c) 1.5 Ω
d) 2.6 Ω

3. The full-scale deflection current of a meter is 4 mA and its internal resistance is 400Ω. This meter is to have full deflection when 400 V is measured. What is the value of the series resistor to be used?
a) 99.90 kΩ
b) 100 kΩ
c) 99.60 kΩ
d) 100 Ω

4. Two ammeters, one with a full-scale current of 1 mA and internal resistance of 100 Ω and other a full-scale current of 10 mA and internal resistance of 25 Ω are in parallel. What is the total current, these two meters can carry without the reading out of scale in any meter?
a) 1 mA
b) 10 mA
c) 11 mA
d) 5 mA

5. A meter has a full scale of 90° at a current of 1 A. This meter has a perfect square law response. What is the current when the deflection angle is 45°?
a) 0.5 A
b) 0.25 A
c) 0.707 A
d) 0.67 A

6. The scale of a dynamometer type instrument marked in terms of RMS value would be__________
a) Uniform throughout
b) Non-uniform and crowded near the full scale
c) Non-uniform and crowded at the beginning
d) Non-uniform and crowded around mid-scale

7. Moving Iron Instrument can be used as ____________
a) An ammeter for measuring DC as well as AC
b) For measuring DC current and voltages only
c) An ammeter and a voltmeter for measuring DC as well as AC
d) For measuring AC current and voltages only

8. A 10 mA PMMC ammeter reads 4 mA in a circuit. Its bottom control spring snaps suddenly. The meter will now show __________
a) 10 mA
b) 8 mA
c) 2 mA
d) Zero

9. The standardization of AC potentiometer is done by ____________
a) Using a DC standard source and d’ Arsonval galvanometer
b) Using AC standard sources and transfer instruments
c) Using a standard AC voltage source
d) Using a DC standard source and transfer instruments

10. The inductance of a certain moving- iron ammeter is expressed as L = 10 + 3θ – θ24 μH, where θ is the deflection in radian from the zero position. The control spring torque is 25 × 10-6 Nm/rad. The meter carries a current of 5 A. What is the deflection?
a) 2.4
b) 2.0
c) 1.2
d) 1.0

11. A current of – 8 + 62–√ (sin (ωt + 30°)) A is passed through three meters. The respective readings (in ampere) will be?
a) 8, 6 and 10
b) 8, 6 and 8
c) – 8, 10 and 10
d) -8, 2 and 2

12. A rectifier type AC voltmeter consists of a series resistance R, an ideal full-wave rectifier bridge and a PMMC instrument. The internal resistance of the instrument is 100 Ω and a full- scale deflection is produced by a DC current of 1 mA. A voltage of 100 V (rms) is applied to the input terminals. The value of R required is?
a) 63.56 Ω
b) 89.83 Ω
c) 89.83 kΩ
d) 141.3 kΩ

13. A current of [2 + 2–√ sin (314t + 30) + 22–√ cos (952t +45)] is measured with a thermocouple type, 5A full scale, class 1 meter. The meter reading would lie in the range?
a) 5 A ± 1 %
b) (2 + 32–√) A ± 1%
c) 3 A ± 1.7 %
d) 2 A ± 2.5 %

14. A 50 Hz voltage is measured with a moving iron voltmeter and a rectifier type AC voltmeter connected in parallel. If the meter readings are Va and Vb respectively. Then the form factor may be estimated as?
a) VaVb
b) 1.11VaVb
c) 2√VaVb
d) πVaVb

15. A moving iron ammeter produces a full-scale torque of 240 μN-m with a deflection of 120° at a current of 10 A. the rate of change of self-inductance (μH/rad) of the instrument at full scale is?
a) 2.0 μH/rad
b) 4.8 μH/rad
c) 12.0 μH/rad
d) 114.6 μH/rad

16. A moving coil of a meter has 250 turns and a length and depth of 40 mm and 30 mm respectively. It is positioned in a uniform radial flux density of 450 mT. The coil carries a current of 160 mA. The torque on the coil is?
a) 0.0216 N-m
b) 0.0456 N-m
c) 0.1448 N-m
d) 1 N-m

17. Two 100 μA full-scale PMMC meters are employed to construct a 10 V and a 100 V full-scale voltmeter. These meters will have figure of merit (sensitivities) as?
a) 10 kΩ/V and 10 kΩ/V
b) 100 kΩ/V and 10 kΩ/V
c) 10 kΩ/V and 100 kΩ/V
d) 10 kΩ/V and 1 kΩ/V

18. A PMMC rated as 100 μA is used in a rectifier type of instrument which uses full wave rectification. What is the sensitivity on sinusoidal AC?
a) 4.5 kΩ/V
b) 18 kΩ/V
c) 10 kΩ/V
d) 9 kΩ/V

19. The discharge of a capacitor through a ballistic galvanometer produces a damped frequency of 0.125 Hz and successive swings of 120, 96 and 76.8 mm. The damping ratio is?
a) 0.0568
b) 0.0887
c) 0.0357
d) 0.0441

20. The discharge of a capacitor through a ballistic galvanometer produces a damped frequency of 0.125 Hz and successive swings of 120, 96 and 76.8 mm. The logarithmic decrement is?
a) 0.225
b) 0.565
c) 0.484
d) 0.7887

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