Advanced Problems on Millman’s Theorem and Maximum Power Transfer Theorem MCQ’s

This set of Network Theory Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Advanced Problems on Millman’s Theorem and Maximum Power Transfer Theorem”.

1. In the circuit given below, the value of the maximum power transferred through RL is ___________


a) 0.75 W
b) 1.5 W
c) 2.25 W
d) 1.125 W

2. The energy stored in the magnetic field at a solenoid 100 cm long and 10 cm diameter wound with 1000 turns of wire carrying an electric current of 10 A, is ___________
a) 1.49 J
b) 0.49 J
c) 0.1 J
d) 1 J

3. The basic elements of an electric circuit are _____________
a) R, L and C
b) Voltage
c) Current
d) Voltage as well as current

4. The resistance of a strip of copper of rectangular cross section is 2 Ω. A metal of resistivity twice that of a copper is coated on its upper surface to a thickness equal to that of copper strip. The resistance of composite strip will be _________
a) \(\frac{3}{4}\) Ω
b) \(\frac{4}{3}\) Ω
c) \(\frac{3}{2}\) Ω
d) 6 Ω

5. A 3 V DC supply with an internal resistance of 2 Ω supplies a passive non-linear resistance characterized by the relation VNL = \(I_{NL}^{2}\). The power dissipated in the resistance is ___________
a) 1 W
b) 1.5 W
c) 2.5 W
d) 3 W

6. In the circuit given below, what is the amount of maximum power transfer to R?


a) 56 W
b) 76 W
c) 60 W
d) 66 W

7. In the circuit shown below what is the value of RL for which maximum power is transferred to RL?


a) 2.4 Ω
b) \(\frac{8}{3}\) Ω
c) 4 Ω
d) 6 Ω

8. The two windings of a transformer have an inductor of 2 H each. If mutual inductor between them is also 2 H, then which of the following is correct?
a) Turns ratio of the transformer is also 2
b) Transformer is an ideal transformer
c) It is a perfect transformer
d) It is a perfect as well as an ideal transformer

9. In the circuit given below, the value of RL for which it absorbs maximum power is ___________


a) \(\frac{400}{3}\) Ω
b) \(\frac{2}{9}\) kΩ
c) 350.38 Ω
d) \(\frac{4}{9}\) kΩ

10. The average power delivered to the 6 Ω load in the circuit of figure below is ___________


a) 8 W
b) 76.68 W
c) 625 kW
d) 2.50 kW

11. Potential of earth is – 50 V. If the potential difference between anode and cathode (earthed) is measured as 150 V, actual voltage on anode is __________
a) 0 V
b) 100 V
c) 200 V
d) 250 V

12. The form factor of sinusoidal alternating electric current is ___________
a) 0
b) 1
c) 1.11
d) 1.15

13. The rms value of the sine wave is 100 A. Its peak value is ____________
a) 70.7 A
b) 141.4 A
c) 150 A
d) 282.8 A

14. An alternating voltage V = 150 sin(314)t is supplied to a device which offers a resistance of 20 Ω in forward direction of electric current while preventing the flow of electric current in reverse direction. The form factor is ___________
a) 0.57
b) 0.318
c) 1.414
d) 1.57

15. A coil of 300 turns is wound on a non-magnetic core having a mean circumference of 300 mm and a cross sectional area of 300 mm2. The inductor of the coil corresponding to a magnetizing electric current of 3 A will be?
a) 37.68 μH
b) 47.68 μH
c) 113.04 μH
d) 120.58 μH

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