Advanced Problems on Network Theorems – 1 MCQ’s

This set of Network Theory Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Advanced Problems on Network Theorems – 1″.

1. Given a wire of resistance R Ω. The resistance of a wire of the same material and same weight and double the diameter is ___________
a) 0.5 R
b) 0.25 R
c) 0.125 R
d) 0.0625 R

2. The star equivalent resistance of 3 resistors having each resistance = 5 Ω is ____________
a) 1.5 Ω
b) 1.67 Ω
c) 3 Ω
d) 4.5 Ω

3. The temperature coefficient of a metal as the temperature increases will ____________
a) Decreases
b) Increases
c) Remains unchanged
d) Increases and remains same

4. The charge associated with a bulb rated as 20 W, 200 V and used for 10 minutes is ____________
a) 36 C
b) 60 C
c) 72 C
d) 50 C

5. For a practical voltage source, which of the following is correct?
a) Cannot be less than source voltage
b) Cannot be higher than source voltage
c) Is always less than source voltage
d) Is always equal to source voltage

6. Consider a resistive network circuit, having 3 sources of 18 W, 50 W and 98 W respectively and a resistance R. When all source act together the maximum and minimum power is ____________
a) 98 W, 18 W
b) 166 W, 18 W
c) 450 W, 2 W
d) 166 W, 2 W

7. For a series RL circuit having L = 5 H, current = 1 A (at an instant). The energy stored in magnetic field is ___________
a) 3.6 J
b) 2.5 J
c) 1.5 J
d) 3 J

8. Consider an electric motor having resistance of 10 Ω, 20 Ω and 30 Ω respectively. The percentage of energy dissipated by 10 Ω earthing plate is ____________
a) More than 50% of total energy
b) Less than 50% of total energy
c) Depends on the materials of the three plates
d) May be more or less than 50% of total energy

9. A current waveform is of the shape of a right angled triangle with period of t = 1 sec. Given a resistance R = 1 Ω. The average power is __________
a) 1 W
b) 0.5 W
c) 0.333 W
d) 0.111 W

10. Given two mutually coupled coils have a total inductance of 1500 mH, the self-inductance of each coils if the coefficient of coupling is 0.2 is ____________
a) 325 mH
b) 255 mH
c) 625 mH
d) 550 mH

11. Consider the self-inductances of two coils as 12 H and 5 H. 50 % of one flux links the other. The mutual inductance is ___________
a) 30 H
b) 24 H
c) 9 H
d) 4.5 H

12. Given two voltages, V1 = sin (ωt + 60°) and V2 = cos (ωt). Which of the following is correct?
a) V1 is leading V2 by 15°
b) V1 is leading V2 by 30°
c) V2 is leading V1 by 60°
d) V2 is leading V1 by 30°

13. For a series RL circuit, the impedance Z = 10 Ω at a frequency of 50 Hz. At 100 Hz the impedance is ___________
a) 10 Ω
b) 20 Ω
c) 1 Ω
d) More than 1 Ω but less than 10 Ω 0 Ω

14. In the circuit given below the maximum power that can be transferred from the source voltage is __________


a) 1 W
b) 10 W
c) 0.25 W
d) 0.5 W

15. In the circuit given below, the value of RL for maximum power transfer is ___________


a) 2.4 Ω
b) 2.6 Ω
c) 2.8 Ω
d) 3.0 Ω

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