Advanced Problems on Network Theory – 2 MCQ’s

This set of Network Theory Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Advanced Problems on Network Theory – 2″.

1. In the circuit given below, the resistance between terminals A and B is 7Ω, between terminals B and C is 12Ω and between terminals C and A is 10Ω. The remaining one terminal in each case is assumed to be open. Then the value of RA and RB are _________


a) RA = 9 Ω and RB = 7 Ω
b) RA = 2.5 Ω and RB = 4.5 Ω
c) RA = 3 Ω and RB = 3 Ω
d) RA = 5 Ω and RB = 1 Ω

2. Currents I1, I2 and I3 meet at a junction in a circuit. All currents are marked as entering the node. If I1 = -6sin(ωt) mA and I2 = 8 cos(ωt) mA, the I3 is ________
a) 10 cos(ωt + 36.87) mA
b) 14 cos(ωt + 36.87) mA
c) -14 sin(ωt + 36.87) mA
d) -10 cos(ωt + 36.87) mA

3. In the circuit given below, the value of R is _________


a) 10 Ω
b) 18 Ω
c) 24 Ω
d) 12 Ω

4. Viewed from the terminals A and B the circuit given below can be reduced to an equivalent circuit with a single voltage source in series with a resistor with ________


a) 5 V source in series with 10 Ω resistor
b) 1 V source in series with 2.4 Ω resistor
c) 15 V source in series with 2.4 Ω resistor
d) 1 V source in series with 10 Ω resistor

5. In the circuit given below, the value of IX using nodal analysis is _______


a) -2.5 A
b) 2.5 A
c) 5 A
d) -5 A

6. In the circuit given below, the voltage across the 18 Ω resistor is 90 V. The voltage across the combined circuit is _________


a) 125 V
b) 16 V
c) 24 V
d) 40 V

7. In the circuit given below, the voltage across the 2Ω resistor is ________


a) 3.41 V
b) -3.41 V
c) 3.8 V
d) -3.8 V

8. In the circuit given below, the values of V1 and V2 respectively are _________


a) 0 and 5V
b) 5 and 0 V
c) 5 and 5 V
d) 2.5 and 2.5 V

9. In the circuit given below, the value of R in the circuit, when the current is zero in the branch CD is _________


a) 10 Ω
b) 20 Ω
c) 30 Ω
d) 40 Ω

10. Consider a circuit having resistances 2 Ω and 2 Ω in series with an inductor of inductance 2 H. The circuit is excited by a voltage of 12 V. A switch S is placed across the first resistance. Battery has remained switched on for a long time. The current i(t) after switch is closed at t=0 is _____________
a) 6
b) 6 – 3e-t
c) 6 + 3e-t
d) 3 – 6e-t

11. When a lead acid battery is being charged, the specific gravity of the electrolyte will ___________
a) Decrease
b) Increase
c) Either Increase or Decrease
d) Neither Increase nor Decrease

12. Two capacitors of 0.5 μF and 1.5 μF capacitance are connected in parallel across a 110 V dc battery. The charges across the two capacitors after getting charged is ___________
a) 55 μC each
b) 275 μC each
c) 55 μC and 275 μC respectively
d) 275 μC and 55 μC respectively

13. A resistance R is connected to a voltage source V having internal resistance RI. A voltmeter of resistance R2 is used to measure the voltage across R. The reading of the voltmeter is _____________
a) VSR1R2R2R1+R1R+RR2
b) VsRR+Rs
c) VR1R2R1R2–R1R–RR2
d) VSRR2R1R2+R1R+RR2

14. A series RLC circuit has a resonant frequency of 550 Hz. The maximum voltage across C is likely to occur at a frequency of ___________
a) 1000 Hz
b) 2000 Hz
c) 1025 Hz
d) 500 Hz

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