This set of Analog Communication Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “AGC”.

1. Which device is used in TV receivers for tuning the receiver to the incoming signal?
a) Varacter diode
b) High pass filter
c) Low pass filter
d) Bandpass filter

2. What is the bandwidth occupied by a DSB signal when the modulating frequency lies in the range from 100Hz to 10KHz?
a) 19.8 KHz
b) 19.8 Hz
c) 19.8 MHz
d) 19.8 GHz

3. Standard intermediate frequency used for AM receiver is ________
a) 455 MHz
b) 455 KHz
c) 455 Hz
d) 20 KHz

4. Which statement is true about multiplexing?
a) it is used to reduce the bandwidth
b) it is used to combine multiple data streams over a single data channel
c) it is used to allow multiple data streams over multiple channels
d) it is used to match and pass the same frequency signal

5. Which amplifier is preferably used for low level modulation?
a) Class C
b) Class A
c) Class AB
d) Class B

6. What is the advantage of using a VSB transmission?
a) Higher bandwidth than SSB
b) Less power required as compared to DSB-SC
c) Lower bandwidth than SSB
d) Both higher bandwidth than SSB and less power required as compared to DSB-SC

7. What is the noise figure of merit for an SSB modulated signal?
a) less than 1
b) greater than 1
c) 1
d) 0.5

8. If a receiver has a poor capacity of blocking adjacent channel interference then the receiver has ________
a) Poor selectivity
b) Poor Signal to Noise ratio
c) Poor sensitivity
d) Poor fidelity

9. What is the value of modulation index m, for overmodulation?
a) m < 1
b) m = 1
c) m > 1
d) m = 0

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