AM Wave Representation MCQ’s

This set of Analog Communication Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “AM Wave Representation”.

1. For attenuation of high frequencies we can use ________
a) inductor
b) shunt capacitance
c) series capacitance
d) combination of inductor and resistor

2. If each element of signal occupies 40ms, determine its speed?
a) 20 bauds
b) 25 bauds
c) 40 bauds
d) 0.05 bauds

3. AM waves is represented by which equation?
a) [1 + m(t)].c(t)
b) [1 – m(t)].c(t)
c) [1 + m(t)].2c(t)
d) [1 + 2m(t)].c(t)

4. A modem is classified as low if speed of data rate is ________
a) upto 600bps
b) upto 200bps
c) upto 400bps
d) upto 500bps

5. It is suitable to connect woofer from the input through ________
a) band pass filter
b) band stop filter
c) low pass filter
d) high pass filter

6. Power of carrier wave is 500W and modulation index is 0.25. Find its total power?
a) 500W
b) 415W
c) 375W
d) 516W

7. Modulation is also called detection.
a) True
b) False

8. The radiation at right angles is zero means ________
a) l = ʎ
b) l = ʎ4
c) l = 2 ʎ
d) l = ʎ2

9. Commercial frequency deviation is ________
a) 75 KHz
b) 80 KHz
c) 85 KHz
d) 65 KHz

10. Which of the following cannot be the Fourier series of a periodic signal?
a) x(t) = 2Cost + 4Cos7t
b) x(t) = 2Cosπt + 4Cos7t
c) x(t) = Cost + 0.7
d) x(t) = 2Cost + 4Sin7t

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