Angular Relation of a Sine Wave MCQ’s

This set of Network Theory Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Angular Relation of a Sine Wave”.

1. If a function f(t) is periodic, then?
a) f(t) = f(t+T)
b) f(t) = f(t+T/2)
c) f(t) = f(t+T/4)
d) f(t) = f(t+T/8)

2. The period of a function is measured as?
a) zero crossing of one cycle to zero crossing of next cycle
b) positive peak of one cycle to positive peak of next cycle
c) negative peak of one cycle to negative peak of next cycle
d) all of the mentioned

3. The response of a second order system is?
a) pulse
b) saw tooth
c) square
d) sinusoid

4. The number of cycles a wave completes in one second is called?
a) time period
b) frequency
c) energy
d) wavelength

5. The period of a sine wave is 40ms. What is the frequency?
a) 25
b) 50
c) 75
d) 100

6. A sine wave completes half cycle in ____ radians.
a) π/2
b) π
c) π/4
d) 2π

7. The relation between frequency and time period is?
a) f=1/T
b) f=T
c) f=1/T2
d) f=1/T3

8. The frequency of a sine wave is 30Hz. What is its period?
a) 3333ms
b) 333.3ms
c) 33.33ms
d) 3.333ms

9. A sine wave completes quarter cycle in ____ radians.
a) 2π
b) π
c) π/2
d) π/4

10. A sine wave completes full cycle in ____ radians.
a) π
b) 2π
c) π/4
d) π/2

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