Antenna Gain and Efficiency MCQ’s

This set of RF & Microwave Circuit Design Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Antenna Gain and Efficiency”.

1. Antennas are bidirectional devices.
a) True
b) False

2. Dipole antennas are an example for:
a) Wire antennas
b) Aperture antennas
c) Array antennas
d) None of the mentioned

3. A __________ is a device that converts a guided electromagnetic wave on a transmission line into a plane wave propagating in free space.
a) Transmitting antenna
b) Receiving antenna
c) Radar
d) Mixer

4. _________ antennas consist of a regular arrangement of antenna elements with a feed network
a) Aperture antennas
b) Array antennas
c) Printed antennas
d) Wire antennas

5._________ of an antenna is a plot of the magnitude of the far field strength versus position around the antenna.
a) Radiation pattern
b) Directivity
c) Beam width
d) None of the mentioned

6. Beamwidth and directivity are both measures of the focusing ability of an antenna.
a) True
b) False

7. A parabolic reflector used for reception with the direct broadcast system is 18 inches in diameter and operates at 12.4 GHz. The far-field distance for this antenna is:
a) 18 m
b) 13 m
c) 16.4 m
d) 17.3 m

8. Antennas having a constant pattern in the azimuthal plane are called _____________
a) High gain antenna
b) Omni directional antenna
c) Unidirectional antenna
d) Low gain antenna

9. If the beam width of an antenna in two orthogonal planes are 300 and 600. Then the directivity of the antenna is:
a) 24
b) 18
c) 36
d) 12

10. If the power input to an antenna is 100 mW and if the radiated power is measured to be 90 mW, then the efficiency of the antenna is:
a) 75 %
b) 80 %
c) 90 %
d) Insufficient data

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