Asynchronous TDM MCQ’s

This set of Analog Communication Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Asynchronous TDM”.

1. Which one of the following reasons for the use of a ground screen with antennas is false?
a) Impossibility of a good ground connection
b) Provision of an earth for the antenna
c) Protection of personnel working underneath
d) Improvement of radiation pattern of antenna

2. Which of the following antennas is best excited from a waveguide?
a) Marconi
b) Horn
c) Helical
d) Discone

3. Which is the standard reference antenna for the directive gain?
a) Isotropic antenna
b) Marconi antenna
c) Helical antenna
d) Log Periodic antenna

4. An ungrounded antenna near the ground ________
a) must be horizontally polarized
b) acts as an antenna array
c) is unlikely to need a ground screen
d) acts as a single antenna of twice the height

5. The radiated beam from a parabolic “dish” transmitting antenna is ________
a) dispersed
b) refracted
c) collimated
d) scattered

6. Arrays in antenna can be __________
a) phased
b) driven
c) parasitic
d) phased, driven or parasitic

7. Field strength at a distance from an antenna is measured with __________
a) a slotted line
b) a dipole
c) an EIRP meter
d) a field strength meter

8. What is the full form of LPDA?
a) Log Periodic Dipole Array
b) Log Periodic Dispersed Array
c) Low Periodic Dispersed Array
d) Low Power Dipole Array

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