Average Power For Sinusoidal AM MCQ’s

This set of Analog Communication Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Average Power For Sinusoidal AM”.

1. Aspect ratio is the ratio of ________
a) width to height
b) height to width
c) power to width
d) width to power

2. If the levels in PCM are transmitted in 10 unit code having sampling frequency equals to 20KHz. What is its bandwidth?
a) 150KHz
b) 125KHz
c) 100KHz
d) 110KHz

3. A 1000KHz carrier is modulated by 100Hz and 200Hz waves, then which of the following frequencies cannot be present at the output?
a) 1000.1KHz
b) 999.9KHz
c) 1000.2KHz
d) 999.7KHz

4. Carrier frequency is given by the formula ________
a) 12πLC√
b) 12πL√
c) 12πC√
d) 1πLC√

5. Find the carrier frequency if the inductance and capacitance are 30μH and 10nF respectively?
a) 244KHz
b) 523KHz
c) 290KHZ
d) 300KHz

6. What is number of possible outputs if there is 6 line digital input?
a) 64
b) 32
c) 16
d) 128

7. Among all amplifiers, Common Collector has highest power gain.
a) True
b) False

8. Helical antenna is used to obtain ________ polarization.
a) elliptical
b) circular
c) linear
d) perpendicular

9. Push pull amplifier is a class B amplifier.
a) True
b) False

10. For removing unwanted signals we should use ________
a) mixing method
b) filter method
c) modulation method
d) detecting method

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