Baseband Channel MCQ’s

This set of Analog Communication Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Baseband Channel”.

1. What is used in making single-mode fiber?
a) plastic
b) glass
c) copper
d) aluminium

2. Why CSMA/CD network has a minimum length for packets?
a) to increase the data rate
b) to decrease the data rate
c) to prevent packets from reaching all other nodes
d) to make sure that all other nodes hear a collision in progress

3. A single-mode cable does not suffer from?
a) chromatic dispersion
b) waveguide dispersion
c) modal dispersion
d) material dispersion

4. If we compared to the core, the index of refraction of cladding must be ________
a) same
b) greater
c) less
d) infinite

5. ISI stands for ________
a) Inter Symbol Interference
b) Inter Signal Interference
c) Inter System Interference
d) Inter Sound Interference

6. What you understand by the term Soliton?
a) it is a defect in the glass
b) it is a type of particle
c) it is a type of pulse
d) it is a type of optical fibre

7. Which statement is true about varacter?
a) it is a diode
b) it is a voltage-controlled oscillator
c) it is used in tuned circuits
d) it is a diode used in tuned circuit and also has a voltage-controlled capacitor

8. FDDI stands for __________
a) Fiber Digital Data Interface
b) Fiber Digital Delay Interface
c) Fiber Distributed Data Interface
d) Fiber Distributed Delay Interface

9. Signal to noise ratio is calculated as signal voltage divided by noise voltage.
a) True
b) False

10. A frequency synthesizer is _________
a) A VCO phase locked to a reference frequency
b) A VFO phase locked to a reference frequency
c) A fixed RF generator
d) A variable RF generator

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