Basic Maxwell Equations MCQ’s

This set of Antenna Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Basic Maxwell Equations”.

1. The minus sign in the Faradays law of induction is given by ______
a) Lens Law
b) Gauss law
c) Amperes Law
d) Gauss law

2. Which of the following Maxwell equation is obtained from Amperes law?
a) ∇×H=J
b) emf=−∂ϕ∂t
c) ∇×E=−∂B∂t
d) ∇×D=ρv

3. The Maxwell equation ∇×E=−∂B∂t is derived from which law?
a) Amperes law
b) Faradays Law
c) Lens law
d) Gauss law

4. Gauss for the Magnetic Field is given by ______
a) ∇.B=0
b) ∇×B=ρv
c) ∇×B=0
d) ∇.B=ρv

5. Which of the Following Maxwell equation is for nonexistence of isolated magnetic charge?
a) ∇×E=-−∂B∂t
b) ∇×H=J
c) ∇.D=ρv
d) ∇.B=0

6. Divergence of Magnetic field is ______
a) volume charge density ρv
b) zero
c) infinite
d) dependent on magnetic field vector

7. Gauss for the Electric Field is given by ______
a) ∇.D=0
b) ∇×D=ρv
c) ∇×D=0
d) ∇.D=ρv

8. In which of the following Integral form of Maxwell equations, the surface is closed?
a) Amperes law
b) Gauss Law
c) Faradays Law
d) Both Amperes and Faraday law

9. Which of the following Maxwell equation is correct for a non-conducting and lossless medium?
a) ∇.D=ρv
b) ∇.D=0
c) ∇×D=ρv
d) ∇×E=0

10. Find skin depth of 5GHz for silver with a conductivity 6.1×107s/m and relative permittivity 1.
a) 0.00091m
b) 0.9113μm
c) 0.319μm
d) 0.1913μm

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