Basic Principle of Signal Display

Electrical Measurements

This set of Basic Electrical Measurements Questions and Answers focuses on “Basic Principle of Signal Display”.

1. What provides a periodic voltage waveform?
a) sweep generator
b) voltmeter
c) oscillator
d) amplifier

2. Visible spot must be moved in _______
a) two directions
b) one direction
c) three directions
d) four directions

3. Spot is displayed only when _______
a) frequencies are different
b) frequencies are zero
c) frequencies are same
d) voltage is high

4. What is done to make the trace horizontal?
a) negative voltage is applied
b) positive voltage is applied
c) no voltage is applied
d) voltage is synchronised

5. A single cycle appears on the screen when _______
a) sweep and signal frequencies are equal
b) sweep and signal frequencies are not equal
c) sweep and signal frequencies are zero
d) sweep frequency is greater than signal frequency

6. Sinusoidal voltage is not observed on the screen.
a) True
b) False

7. What is the flyback period?
a) voltage is very high
b) current is very low
c) voltage is zero
d) current is very high

8. During trace time, voltage is decreasing with time.
a) True
b) False

9. Light produced in a screen is _______
a) disappears immediately
b) does not disappear at all
c) is not visible to the eye
d) disappears slowly

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