BCD Adder MCQ’s

This set of Digital Circuits Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “BCD Adder”.

1. 29 input circuit will have total of ____________
a) 32 entries
b) 128 entries
c) 256 entries
d) 512 entries

2. BCD adder can be constructed with 3 IC packages each of ____________
a) 2 bits
b) 3 bits
c) 4 bits
d) 5 bits

3. The decimal number system represents the decimal number in the form of ____________
a) Hexadecimal
b) Binary coded
c) Octal
d) Decimal

4. The output sum of two decimal digits can be represented in ____________
a) Gray Code
b) Excess-3
c) BCD
d) Hexadecimal

5. 3 bits full adder contains ____________
a) 3 combinational inputs
b) 4 combinational inputs
c) 6 combinational inputs
d) 8 combinational inputs

6. Complement of F’ gives back __________
a) F’
b) F
c) FF
d) FF’

7. The addition of two decimal digits in BCD can be done through ____________
a) BCD adder
b) Full adder
c) Ripple carry adder
d) Carry look ahead

8. The simplified expression of full adder carry is ____________
a) c = xy+xz+yz
b) c = xy+xz
c) c = xy+yz
d) c = x+y+z

9. Decimal digit in BCD can be represented by ____________
a) 1 input line
b) 2 input lines
c) 3 input lines
d) 4 input lines

10. The number of logic gates and the way of their interconnections can be classified as ____________
a) Logical network
b) System network
c) Circuit network
d) Gate network

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