Biasing the FET MCQ’s

This set of Electronic Devices & Circuits Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Biasing the FET”.

1. Which of the following equations gives the relation between ID and Vgs?
a) ID=IDSS (1-Vgs/Vp)2
b) ID=IDSS (1-Vgs/Vp)1
c) ID=IDSS (1-Vgs/Vp)3
d) ID=IDSS (1-Vgs/Vp)4

2. For a fixed bias circuit the drain current was 1mA, what is the value of source current?
a) 0mA
b) 1mA
c) 2mA
d) 3mA

3. Which of the following relation is true about gate current?
b) ID=IG
c) IS= IG
d) IG=0

4. For a fixed bias circuit the drain current was 1mA, VDD=12V, determine drain resistance required if VDS=10V?
a) 1KΩ
b) 1.5KΩ
c) 2KΩ
d) 4KΩ

5. For a self-bias circuit, find drain to source voltage if VDD=12V, ID=1mA, Rs=RD=1KΩ?
a) 1V
b) 2V
c) 10V
d) 5V

6. Find the gate to source voltage for voltage divider having R1=R2=2KΩ and VDD=12V, ID=1mA and RS=4KΩ?
a) 3V
b) 2V
c) 0V
d) 1V

7. Which of the following equation brings the relation between gate to source voltage and drain current in Self Bias?
a) Vgs=VDD
b) Vgs=-ID Rs
c) Vgs=0
d) Vgs=1+ID Rs

8. Find the gate voltage for voltage divider having R1=R2=1KΩ and VDD=5V?
a) 1V
b) 5V
c) 3V
d) 2.5V

9. What will happen if values of Rs increase?
a) Vgs Increases
b) Vgs Decreases
c) Vgs Remains the same
d) Vgs=0

10. What is the current flowing through the R1 resistor for voltage divider (R1=R2=1KΩ, VDD=10V)?
a) 5mA
b) 3mA
c) 1mA
d) 2mA

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