Capacitor Filters MCQ’s

This set of Electronic Devices & Circuits Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Capacitor Filters”.

1. The cut-in point of a capacitor filter is_________
a) The instant at which the conduction starts
b) The instant at which the conduction stops
c) The time after which the output is not filtered
d) The time during which the output is perfectly filtered

2. The rectifier current is a short duration pulses which cause the diode to act as a_________
a) Voltage regulator
b) Mixer
c) Switch
d) Oscillator

3. In a shunt capacitor filter, the mechanism that helps the removal of ripples is_________
a) The current passing through the capacitor
b) The property of capacitor to store electrical energy
c) The voltage variations produced by shunting the capacitor
d) Uniform charge flow through the rectifier

4. A half wave rectifier, operated from a 50Hz supply uses a 1000µF capacitance connected in parallel to the load of rectifier. What will be the minimum value of load resistance that can be connected across the capacitor if the ripple% not exceeds 5?
a) 114.87Ω
b) 167.98Ω
c) 115.47Ω
d) 451.35Ω

5. A full wave rectifier uses a capacitor filter with 500µF capacitor and provides a load current of 200mA at 8% ripple. Calculate the dc voltage.
a) 15.56V
b) 20.43V
c) 11.98V
d) 14.43V

6. Which of the following are true about capacitor filter?
a) It is also called as capacitor output filter
b) It is electrolytic
c) It is connected in parallel to load
d) It helps in storing the magnetic energy

7. A 100µF capacitor when used as a filter has 15V ac across it with a load resistor of 2.5KΩ. If the filter is the full wave and supply frequency is 50Hz, what is the percentage of ripple frequency in the output?
a) 2.456%
b) 1.154%
c) 3.785%
d) 3.675%

8. The charge (q) lost by the capacitor during the discharge time for shunt capacitor filter.
a) IDC*T
b) IDC/T
c) IDC*2T
d) IDC/2T

9. The rms ripple voltage (Vrms) of a shunt filter is_________
a) IDC/2√3
b) IDC2√3
c) IDC/√3
d) IDC√3

10. A shunt capacitor of value 500µF fed rectifier circuit. The dc voltage is 14.43V. The dc current flowing is 200mA. It is operating at a frequency of 50Hz. What will be the value of peak rectified voltage?
a) 18.67V
b) 16.43V
c) 15.98V
d) 11.43V

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