Zane Is Managing A YouTube Campaign For A Five-Star Hotel That Competes Directly With Several Other Hotels Located In The Area. The Owner Would Like To Use The Names Of Similar Hotels As Keywords When Building The Audience For The Campaign. What Would Be The Ideal Audience Solution For Zane’s YouTube Campaign?

Similar Audience Customer Match audience Affinity Audience Custom Affinity audience

Yvette’s YouTube Advertising Client Owns A Boutique Offering An Exclusive Line Of Designer Handbags. She’d Like To Drive Purchases Of These Handbags Using YouTube. Which YouTube Format Would Yvette Recommend To Her Client?

Sponsored Cards TrueView for Action Non-Skippable Video Overlay Video

YouTube Can Help Advertisers Achieve Three Important Business Outcomes: Awareness, Consideration, And Action. Which Is A Result Driven By A YouTube Advertising Campaign To Achieve Action?

Unique reach Ad recall Online conversions Purchase intent

YouTube Analytics Provides Insights From The Moment You Upload A Video. Which Three Basic Questions About Who’s Watching Your Client’s Content Will It Answer With A Single Click?

Last visit, watch time, and subscriptions View count, ad buy, and credit score Age, gender, and geographic location Time of day, IP address, and sessions

Your Client Is Interested In Testing Six-Second Bumper Ads. What Are Two Tips You Can Share With Them About These Ads? (Choose Two.)

Only use your TV ad to make a bumper. Build for large screens. Budget time to establish the ad and stick the landing. Focus on…