If A Klipfolio Partner Wants To Build A Template Facebook Dashboard, Import To His Client Accounts And Have It Show Their Specific Facebook Data, Is This The Correct Order Of Operations For The Import Procedure? 1.Create The Custom Company Properties First 2.Set Their Valid Values 3.Import The Dashboard

True False

For the following label component: with these properties: What would formulas X and Y give you? X:!Label Y:&Label

X gives “Oct 16, 1989”? and Y gives “1989-10-16”? X gives “1989-10-16”? and Y gives “16/10/1989”? X gives”16/10/1989″? and Y gives “1989-10-16”? X gives “1989-10-16”?…

Ivan Is Writing An Api Query, And From The Api’s Documentation He Finds Out That The Response Can Be Filtered To Only Show Data Created Since A Defined Date (Using The “Created_since” Parameter). Ivan Wants To Filter The Data That Was Created Since The Beginning Of The Month, And The Input Format Of The “Create_since” Parameter Should Be “Yy MMM Dd”. What Is The Date/Time Function Ivan Should Pass To The “Created_since” Paramter In His Query?

date.startOfYear.format(“yyyyMMdd”) date.addMonths(-1).format() date.startOfMonth.format(“yy MMM dd”) date.add(-5).format(“yy MMM dd”) date.addMonths(-1).endOfMonth.format()

With The Appropriate Role(S) And Permission(S) A Klipfolio User Can Add A Klip To A Dashboard In Which Of The Following Ways? Select ALL That Apply.

From the Gallery From their Account Settings From the Library From scratch using the Klip Editor By emailing support@klipfolio.com By using the Klipfolio API