If A Klipfolio Partner Wants To Build A Template Facebook Dashboard, Import To His Client Accounts And Have It Show Their Specific Facebook Data, Is This The Correct Order Of Operations For The Import Procedure? 1.Create The Custom Company Properties First 2.Set Their Valid Values 3.Import The Dashboard

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Stephen Is A Builder Of A Klipfolio Partner Account, Which Manages 10 Clients. Also Within Facebook Business Manager, Stephen Has Permission To Access Insights Of His Clients’ Facebook Pages And Ad Accounts. He Wants To Build Out A Template Facebook Dashboard In Klipfolio, Which He Then Wants To Import To His Clients Accounts And Have It Configured To Show Their Specific Facebook Data. What Is The Best Practice To Create Such A Template Dashboard?

a) Set the Facebook page and Facebook ad account id as company properties, create dynamic datasources which uses the company properties as variables, create the…

Kaushi Is The Builder Of A Klipfolio Partner Account, And Has Imported A Dashboard From The Parent Account To A Client Account. She Now Wants To Update One Of The Klips In The Parent Account And Propagate The Changes To The Client Instance Of The Klip. Under Which Of The Following Scenarios Can She Use The “Update Client Instance” Button To Do Achieve This Task?

Anytime a Klip has been modified (either components or styling) Anytime another datasource has been added to the Klip Anytime a formula has been updated…

Meggan’s Ad Agency Has A Klipfolio Partner Account, Which Has 20 Client Accounts Under It. In The Parent Account, Group A Consists Of Users Who Can Access The Client Selection And Sign Into A Client As Admin. An Admin Of Meggan’s Ad Agency Can Set Sharing Settings Such That Group A Users Can Only See 10 Clients Under The Client Selection.

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