Characteristic Equation of Diode-1 MCQ’s

This set of Analog Electronic Circuits Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Characteristic Equation of Diode-1″.

1. Calculate the thermal voltage when the temperature is 25°C.
a) 0V
b) 0V
c) 0.026V
d) 0.25V

2. Calculate the reverse saturation current of a diode if the current at 0.2V forward bias is 0.1mA at a temperature of 25°C and the ideality factor is 1.5.
a) 5.5x 10-9 A
b) 5.5x 10-8 A
c) 5.5x 10-7 A
d) 5.6x 10-10 A

3. Calculate the forward bias current of a Si diode when forward bias voltage of 0.4V is applied, the reverse saturation current is 1.17×10-9A and the thermal voltage is 25.2mV.
a) 9.156mA
b) 8.23mA
c) 1.256mA
d) 5.689mA

4. Find the applied voltage on a forward biased diode if the current is 1mA and reverse saturation current is 10-10. Temperature is 25°C and takes ideality factor as 1.5.
a) 0.658V
b) 0.726V
c) 0.526V
d) 0.618V

5. Consider a silicon diode with η=1.2. Find the change in voltage if the current changes from 0.1mA to 10mA.
a) 0.154V
b) 0.143V
c) 0.123V
d) 0.165V

6. What will be the ratio of final current to initial current of a diode if the voltage of a diode changes from 0.7V to 872.5mV. Take ideality factor as 1.5.
a) 90.26
b) 52.36
c) 80.23
d) 83.35

7. Find the temperature at which a diode current is 2mA for a diode which has reverse saturation current of 10-9 A. The ideality factor is 1.4 and the applied voltage is 0.6V forward bias.
a) 69.65°C
b) 52.26°C
c) 25.23°C
d) 70.23°C

8. If current of a diode changes from 1mA to 10mA what will be the change in voltage across the diode. The ideality factor of diode is 1.2.
a) 0.718V
b) 7.18V
c) 0.0718V
d) 0.00728V

9. What will be the current I in the circuit diagram below. Take terminal voltage of diode as 0.7V and I0as 10-12A.


a) 2.4mA
b) 0.9mA
c) 1mA
d) 4mA

10. Find current I through the circuit using characteristic equation of diode. The terminal voltage of each diode is 0.6V. Reverse saturation current is 10-12A.


a) 0.84mA
b) 1.84mA
c) 2.35mA
d) 3.01mA

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