Circuit Elements in the S-Domain MCQ’s

This set of Network Theory Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Circuit Elements in the S-Domain”.

1. The relation between current and voltage in the case of inductor is?
a) v=Ldt/di
b) v=Ldi/dt
c) v=dt/di
d) v=di/dt

2. The s-domain equivalent of the inductor reduces to an inductor with impedance?
a) L
b) sL
c) s2L
d) s3L

3. The resistance element __________ while going from the time domain to frequency domain.
a) does not change
b) increases
c) decreases
d) increases exponentially

4. The voltage and current in a capacitor are related as?
a) i=Cdt/dv
b) v=Cdv/dt
c) i=Cdv/dt
d) v=Cdt/dv

5. From the circuit shown below, find the value of current in the loop.


a) (V/R)/(s+1/RC)
b) (V/C)/(s+1/R)
c) (V/C)/(s+1/RC)
d) (V/R)/(s+1/R)

6. The voltage across the resistor in the circuit shown below is?


a) Vet/R
b) Ve-t/RC
c) Ve-t/R
d) Vet/RC

7. The s-domain equivalent of the capacitor reduces to a capacitor with impedance?
a) sC
b) C
c) 1/C
d) 1/sC

8. After taking the inverse transform of current in the circuit shown below, the value of current is?


a) i=(V/C)e-t/R
b) i=(V/C)e-t/RC
c) i=(V/R)e-t/RC
d) i=(V/R)e-t/R

9. The voltage across the resistor in the parallel circuit shown is?


a) V/(s-1/R)
b) V/(s-1/RC)
c) V/(s+1/RC)
d) V/(s+1/C)

10. Taking the inverse transform of the voltage across the resistor in the circuit shown below is?


a) Ve-t/τ
b) Vet/τ
c) Ve
d) Ve-tτ

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